Creating the Best Corporate Videos for Your Company

Creating the Best Corporate Videos for Your Company

Creating the best corporate videos for your company begins with knowing your company’s needs.  Corporate videos are defined as a video which introduces a business or company in a positive manner.  Corporate videos often have specific purposes in a B2B or corporate environment viewed by targeted audiences.  They may include promoting services, products, or the company brand, informational videos, and training videos.  

What type of corporate video does your company need?

Company executives when asked what type of corporate videos they need too often reply, “We only need…”  

No matter what type of business you conduct, your approach to video production should be the same as producing high quality products and services.  After all, the way a company advertises and markets its brand should be a reflection of its excellence.  If you are concerned about the high costs for professional looking corporate videos, put it to rest.  A TV production like corporate video with all the “bells and whistles” will not cost you an arm or a leg.  

Will a corporate video that will “just do” project your company image to the world as being “excellent”?  

Too many companies invest in low quality amateur You Tube videos for their websites.  Years ago, it was the only cost effective method to produce a corporate video.  Times have changed with new video technologies lowering the costs for producing professional looking videos.  

Videos are the perfect medium to speak to and engage your audiences.  Similar to movies, key scenes are remembered because they create emotional responses from viewers.  Videos can connect with audiences better than written advertisements by drawing out emotional reactions from viewers.  The best selling ads are the ones generating a positive emotional response from their audience.  Take this principle to the next level by investing in corporate videos.  But, make sure that your promotional corporate videos look as good as a popular TV commercial.

Instead of, “We only need…” say “We want the best”.

Where to start      

You can hire the guy who did your daughter’s wedding video or try it yourself with your smartphone.  Or, you can hire a professional video production company.

Home Videos: If you want to try it yourself by using a tablet or smartphone or asking a friend to bring his camcorder you will get something quick, simple, and free.  But, will it be good enough?  Home videos are alright for your Facebook or a personal blog post but not as corporate videos.

Professional Videos:  While home videos create a “folksy” image for a small town like company, they won’t help position yours as a credible organization.  That’s because amateur looking productions will work against your brand and image.  A professional video production company brings experience, creativity, technical expertise and higher quality productivity than you can accomplish on your own.

Quality Production:  Anyone with a smartphone or camcorder can proclaim themselves a professional production company.  A freelance crew like that will require you to direct every shot so they do what you want.  Imagine them spending hours editing all of the shots and deciding what to cut!  Quality video productions require a team of specialists like cameramen, an editor, a producer, and graphics specialists.  Only a professional video production company can supply such a skilled team.

Portfolio:  Look at their samples of workfor past clients.  Do they look like high quality professional videos?  Will your target audiences appreciate their quality?  Can they understand your company’s story and portray it in a way to do it justice?  Beware of marketing agencies and web designers claiming “we do video too” as you can see the required skill sets mentioned above for producing high quality videos.

Budget:  A professional video production company knows how to quote the costs based on their past experience.  You know your bottom line and a professional company can work within that budget to advise you regarding the type of video which can be produced.  

Tips for success

Starting with what you have - Your company probably has a website, Facebook Page, a brochure, or a newsletter.  How can corporate videos improve your brand’s communications?  

Keeping it simple - Videos differ from written web pages and brochures where audiences can read and re-read at their leisure while videos deliver information at a specific rate of speed.  Viewers will remember a small number of simple messages rather than a long message presentation.

Keeping it short - People tend to be busy with short attention spans.  Online information needs to be fast with no hassles.  Videos achieve faster hassle-free impact.   However, impact diminishes over time.  A 4 minute video is not necessarily twice as effective as a 2 minute one.  Long messages require dividing them into shorter messages on video.

Exploit the AV - Theaudiovisual (video) medium must never be wasted re-hashing text found in your company’s website or brochures.  Videos combine audio with visuals to create a greater impact.

Unleash the Emotions - Video, more than any other communication medium, can provoke audience emotional responses.  Videos can capture the atmosphere of a place, convey how people feel and think about ideas, situations, or experiences towards a company’s products or services.   


Creating the best corporate videos for your company entails knowing your company needs, where to start, how to successfully produce them, and production within a budget.  High quality videos are essential in order to project the company’s products, services, and brand as “excellent”.  Short attention spans require fast, hassle-free messages for greater impact.  Short and simple videos have greater impact than longer ones.  

Home videos will not impress potential customers and clients.  Producing high quality corporate videos requires avoiding amateur producers and low quality smartphones or camcorders. The production of corporate videos involves using skilled professionals like cameramen, an editor, a producer, and graphics specialists.   

The advantages of corporate videos include greater impact than web pages or brochures, and ability to generate positive audience emotions towards company products and services.   

A professional video production company brings experience, creativity, technical expertise and higher quality productivity than you can accomplish on your own.

In 2015, Steven completed an Online Marketing 20 hour live seminars course which covered SEO, PPC, Affiliate Marketing, Social Media, Mobile Devices, Reputation Building, and Converting Visitors into Buyers techniques taught by the Shaw Academy in London, UK.