The Benefits of a Corporate Recruiting Video

The Benefits of a Corporate Recruiting Video

The Benefits of a Corporate Recruiting Video can explain how successful a company will be by using corporate videos.

The success of any company is often based on the talent of its employees.  According to Forbes, the ability to recruit top talent increases a company’s success.  Companies are now two to three times more likely to improve recruiting (faster hiring time, less cost per hire, and increased hiring manager satisfaction) by using video.

Now days, every social media platform, chat rooms, blogs, or forums can be used to recruit new talent.  In order to successfully use these platforms to recruit new employees requires being creative which can be fun by engaging a passive candidate audience who are not actively looking for jobs.  Companies searching for new talent can use videos to share the company’s brand, information, and resources by reaching out to targeted channels where potential recruits go with the goal of directing them to your career site to join your talented community or to directly apply for open positions.

The popularity of videos online

Workology points out while Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram can be used to recruit talent; the most popular way to building online personal relationships is using videos.   

In the informative 2016 article, “The Year of Video Marketing”, videos now account for 50% of all online mobile device traffic while 78% of all U.S. users watch videos online every week and 55% watch videos online every day.

MediaKix, an online marketing publication, predicted that 70% of marketers will invest in social video ads in 2017.  

YouTube is the most popular video medium platform in the world.  Here are the most popular employee recruiting videos on YouTube and why they are successful:


Microsoft’s recruitment video focuses on recruiting PhD graduates considering joining their research department.  While being a short video, their main points get across.  The best features from this video are:

• Demonstrates the diversity of their company employees.

• Talks about how their employees can make a difference in the world.

• Defines the qualities Microsoft wants in their employees which recruits possess.


This Google recruitment video is longer than the typically recommended one minute based on the average video watcher’s attention span.  However, this video is successful because it:

• Includes employee testimonials about why they chose to work for Google and how they are enjoying it.

• It talks about exciting employee projects.

• It includes unique benefits that Google has to offer to its employees.


Apple’s recruitment video provides an inside look at the employees developing new ideas.  Pointers taken from this video which can be applied to your company are:

• Shows employees actually working on well-known projects.

• Employees talk about their specific jobs and how those projects made a difference.

• Includes their global recognized logo.


The Shopify recruiting video shows why a recruit would want to work for them in an eccentric yet informative way.  Great ideas you can take from this video are:

• In a fun way, demonstrates their company’s culture to attract recruits with similar working attitudes.

• Uses candid employee interviews explaining why they love working there.

• This is a video which works for any department in their company trying to recruit new talent.


Humana’s recruiting video has the ideal length compared to the ones above.  Here are some great features from this video which you can use on your own video:

• Specifically speaks about the type of work potential employees could be doing.

• Shares employee benefits for specific positions in the company.

• Includes how recruits can apply to work there assuming the video will be embedded in different mediums (like in this post).

How to create the most effective corporate recruiting video

Now that you have read about the successful recruiting videos by some of the world’s largest companies, you have an idea of what type of information will make your recruiting message more effective.

Producing a successful corporate recruiting video requires additional skills.  Here are some tips for creating an effective corporate recruiting video:

1. Consider who the key people should be used in the video.  Should you use professional actors or key employees?  Talking into a camera makes some people nervous.  Certain people are more photogenic than others.  Even people who look good in a photoshoot doesn’t mean they are video appealing.  Voices vary depending on whether English is their native language or what region they were raised in.

2. The quality of the video camera can make a difference between a professional looking video and an amateur.  The video camera crew should be experienced professionals who know how to tackle lighting problems and using natural looking backdrops.     

3. Keep in mind the attention span of typical viewers is short.  Getting a lot of information into a short time span is one of the greatest challenges for video scriptwriters.  That’s why there are professional script writers to ensure your company’s brand and video message are clear, concise, and achieved in a short time frame.

4. Focus on what your message is to the recruits in a short time frame.  Think about what the two or three core messages you wish to convey.  

5. Employees talking about the company and what they do requires a strong script and lots of practice to get it right within the required time.  

Where to show your corporate recruiting video

Besides the social media platforms mentioned above, there are public events where your company’s recruiting video can be shown.  Job fairs, industry conventions, college recruitment events, state fairs, and local community events are good places to show your video.  In addition, anywhere your company can set up a table or a kiosk open to the public where your corporate recruitment video plays in the background including shopping malls.  Don’t forget that your company’s lobby and waiting room are ideal settings to play your video in the background.


The Benefits of a Corporate Recruiting Video can best be described by the way it can recruit top talent.  The continuing success of a company depends upon its ability to recruit new talent.  Corporate recruiting videos can demonstrate the benefits a company offers new recruits in several ways.  Examples include using employee testimonials, depicting the company’s culture, targeting specific recruitment audiences, showing how the company is different, providing an inside look at the working environment, showing unique benefits of working for the company, keeping the recruitment process fresh and natural, and keeping the message short with a Call to Action.

In 2015, Steven completed an Online Marketing 20 hour live seminars course which covered SEO, PPC, Affiliate Marketing, Social Media, Mobile Devices, Reputation Building, and Converting Visitors into Buyers techniques taught by the Shaw Academy in London, UK.