The Importance of Corporate Videos for Businesses

The importance of Corporate Videos for Businesses   

The importance of corporate videos for businesses is vital for success.  Corporate videos are used to introduce new products along with their updates, train new employees, and most importantly, communicate with potential clients and customers.  Producing the highest quality videos is of upmost importance in today’s era of You Tube, Instagram, and mobile devices.  That’s because now days more people prefer watching videos than reading text in websites and blogs.   

It is essential to hire a company able to produce the highest quality corporate videos.   

Targeting Your Audience

People learn things in different ways.  Web pages and blog posts only cater to “read-write learners”.  Videos cater to “visual and auditory learners” who now days amounts to millions of people.  One advantage of using videos for business purposes is its flexibility as a media platform.  Another is that Google loves videos, which is apparent when you look at Google Top 10 Search Rankings where video sites often rank high. Corporate videos can be used to target specific audiences including:

• New employee recruitment

• Portraying the company’s history as a promotional video

• Promotion of the “company’s culture” for keeping employees focused on the company’s purpose and message

• Training new employees and upcoming management

• Use at conferences, trade shows, and other events promoting company products and services

• Webcasts to send out company messages and promotions

• Videos which market company brand and products or services

• Now and then videos

Corporate Culture

Maintaining employee loyalty and focus on the company’s culture helps to keep the best employees.  Frequent in-house videos for current employees about the company’s progress, new products or services, upcoming promotions, and success stories build a community mindset towards increasing team spirit.  Uplifting videos for these purposes may require appropriate humor and entertainment to make employees feel good about the company and themselves.


Besides helping to make current employees feel good and to remain loyal, videos are important tools for recruiting new talent.  The Human Resources department can utilize videos in their recruiting drives.  Videos can easily orient potential employees about whom we are, what we sell, and the company’s brand.  Hiring an experienced video production company who understands the company’s brand, products and services, culture, and the type of talent the company seeks to recruit is essential for creating high quality recruiting videos.

Products and Services Promotion   

The first media production investment most companies make is a promotional video explaining the company’s products or services.  Targeting new customers and clients is the most important benefit companies seek when investing in marketing and promotions.  


Using corporate videos for marketing entails targeting new and repeat audiences creating demand in order to increase sales and revenues.  Today’s generation is not as impressed with TV ads as were housewives of years ago.  The evolution of modern technology produces eye catching graphics captured in today’s internet surfing and smart phones are causing consumers to be less impressed by these graphics.  The biggest challenge for today’s marketing strategists is to get potential customers’ attention as thousands of competing voices attempt to accomplish.  Advertising and sales requires greater attention grabbing techniques which video can provide.


Instructional videos can train current and new employees about marketing strategies, product safety features, persuasive sales pitches, and the way things are done for the company.  Corporate videos can be cost effective and valuable means for educating large audiences of employees.  Engaging and memorable training videos are effective learning resources.


Corporate videos shown before large conference audiences saves time while providing graphics, images, charts, interviews of leading industry figures, and engage spectators in ways live speakers cannot achieve.  In addition, these videos can be repeatedly used at numerous conferences and public events at no additional cost.  


Professionally produced webcasts and podcasts engage viewers from everywhere.  They can be a powerful marketing tool with the potential to become subscription services by email or web page visitors.

Now and then videos

A “now and then” video demonstrates the company’s growth over the years.  They can list all of the yearly company achievements to impress viewers.  The company’s major milestones can be projected with eye-catching phrases and images.   

Other Viewing Places

Corporate videos can be shown in other places too including:

• Waiting rooms

• Internet

• In-flight

• Television

• Stores

Waiting rooms

The best places to show corporate videos are with “captive audiences”.  That’s because viewers waiting to see someone have time to kill with few distractions.  Waiting rooms can streamline videos about the company, its brands, products, and promotions.


Internet research demonstrates that 30 minute You Tube “how to” videos can attract thousands of viewers, but corporate infomercials must only be 1 to 5 minutes long.  One problem with the internet is the numerous “Click” options web pages contain.  Thus, the internet requires engaging and interesting videos to maintain the viewer’s attention for the entire video.  This is what professional video companies can accomplish.


Airlines sell time on their in-flight videos for commercial ads.  This is another example of a “captured audience”.  The flight’s destination is critical in order to target the correct audience with the best products or services available at each location or globally on the internet.


Television ads can be expensive depending on the time-slot and length.  Daytime home television spots tend to be less expensive due to the more relaxed environment.  On the other hand, evening television spots are more competitive where shorter, aggressive ads tend to be prevailing.


Shopping malls and retail stores can streamline commercial videos promoting the products they have for sale.  Intercepting shoppers who are ready to buy in specific departments promoting a corporate product already available to purchase can dramatically increase sales.

Why Use a Professional Video Production Company?

Now days anyone can create videos using computers, smart phones, or camera.  However, poor quality videos will damage a company’s reputation and its brand.  Hiring a professional video production company is the best investment to produce high quality videos.


The importance of corporate videos for businesses evolved since the popularity of You Tube and Instagram.  Corporate videos can target specific audiences, train new employees, help recruit new ones, and promote the company brand.  Hiring a professional video production company to create high quality corporate videos may be the best return on investment with today’s tech savvy consumers.   

In 2015, Steven completed an Online Marketing 20 hour live seminars course which covered SEO, PPC, Affiliate Marketing, Social Media, Mobile Devices, Reputation Building, and Converting Visitors into Buyers techniques taught by the Shaw Academy in London, UK.